Gold Meadow
mixed media | 80" x 48"

mixed media | 72" x 36"

If I Follow
acrylic | 72" x 48"

oils | 72" x 36"

oils | 60" x 36"

Mud Puddle
oils with resin | 96" x 48"

mixed media | 60" x 12"

acrylic with super gel | 40" x 40"

mixed media | 28" x 28"

My Ocean
acrylic with wood | 36" x 48"

The Path
oils | 60" x 60"

The Key - Passage
acrylic with wood | 30" x 40"

oils with resin | 36" x 48"

Plume Cloud
acrylic with resin | 60" x 60"

acrylic with wood | 72" x 36"

Trade mine for yours
acrylic with super gel | 72" x 48"

mixed media | 36" x 48"

Tribute to Richter
mixed media | 60" x 60"

Womens Rights 1
oils | 30" x 40"

Womens Rights 2
oils | 30" x 40"

Womens Rights 3
oils | 30" x 40"


Artists Statement / Bio

Shane Townley has worked internationally since 2004 as an artist, gallerist, nonprofit professional, and independent curator, collaborating with emerging & established contemporary artists. He works with clients consisting of art institutions, corporations, galleries and individuals, both domestically and internationally. His uniquely diverse background in the arts, nonprofit development, and arts management has positioned him to skillfully aid creative professionals, art patrons, and institutions in sustainable social and economic growth in art collections. Currently, Townley’s studio and office, the Townley Arts Foundation Inc. is based in Mana Contemporary Living Museum. He is also the editor and writer for (New York art fairs, reviews, galleries, artists, and receptions). This is a global arts & cultural firm, based in the largest city in the world for the arts.

Shane Townley is an Internationally Collected Artist, Foundation Founder and Art Director. His work can be found in private homes and corporate collections worldwide. Townley has exhibited and curated shows in New York, New Jersey, Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Palm Desert, Monterey, Las Vegas and Scottsdale, AZ. He also has connections to galleries in Venice, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. Townley founded a non-profit group in 2013 dedicated to arts education and funding to donate art supplies to children’s hospitals, schools and other organizations. The non-profit group is called the Townley Arts Foundation Inc. 501c3.