Currents III
oil on canvas | 36" x 48"

Currents ll
oil on canvas | 36" x 48"

Tides Of Change I
mixed media on canvas | 36" x 48"

Tides of Change VI
mixed media on canvas | 36" x 48"

Tides of Change V
mixed media on canvas | 36" x 48"


Artists Statement

"Everything I view in nature, has the potential to become a new painting."

Celebrating 40 Years of Painting!!  It seems impossible that I have been painting professionally for over 40 years.  I started painting right out of high school and never stopped.  Painting has been my life and my savior.  I have loved looking at the world from an artistic perspective.  Every plant, animal, or scene is another composition and painting.  Over the years I have hundreds if not thousands of images that I hope to one day paint.   It does not seem to matter how much time goes by, the image is burned into my brain forever.