The Blue Garden
mixed media on wood | 2016

We are the Same
oil on canvas | 2017


Artists INFO / BIO

My artwork focuses on the human condition, everything that constitute being a human being; our experiences as such and the relationships we form as a consequence of such experiences.

I am inspired by the moments that define us as individuals as we stride towards a goal or towards finding a purpose or meaning to our lives.  The fragility of our condition when we feel lonely, heartbroken, or discouraged as well as the glorious feeling of being in love, feeling accomplished and harmonious are all part of my narrative.

I take a critical view on issues such as love, cultural identity, sexuality, gender roles, race, spirituality and morality.  Topics that have found a place on my subject matter for the past years as a result of my own experiences with those issues.

As an artist I am also concerned with the way we treat each other and how our convictions and beliefs create a bridge or a wall that unites us or separates us from one another.  The spiritual disconnect that seems to be more present in today’s world pushes me to explore this issue through the use of figurative imagery and the implementation of symbols as the mask or the cloak to symbolize that detachment. However, the use of these symbols also reflect upon our sense of comfort and protection.

I draw inspiration from Latin American indigenous cultures and people, politics, mythology, cultural and social issues such as racism, homophobia and xenophobia.

North Bergen, NJ