White Wolf
acrylic on canvas | 36" x 24" | 2015

acrylic on canvas | 56" x 50" | 2016

White Horse
acrylic on canvas | 70" x 54" | 2014


Peacock of Oz
acrylic on canvas | 40" x 30" | 2014 

acrylic on canvas | 60" x 48" | 2013

acrylic on canvas | 40" x 30" | 2013

Red Riding Hood
acrylic on canvas | 48" x 24" | 2012

The Red Square
acrylic on canvas | 72" x 48" | 2013

acrylic on canvas | 34" x 31" | 2014

acrylic on canvas | 58” x 42”| 2010

Barack Obama
acrylic on canvas | 62” x 45” | 2009

New Valkyries
acrylic on canvas | 38” x 38 “| 2007

Poison Placebo Panacea
acrylic on canvas | 

Magic Russian Rooster
acrylic on canvas | 26” x 14” | 2015

The Anchor
acrylic on canvas | 36" x 30" | 2011

Wisdom Tooth
acrylic on canvas | 24.5” x 18.5” | 2015

acrylic on canvas | 36" x 26" | 2010

Fatma Hand
acrylic on canvas | 44" x 26" | 2010





Dark Flower
chiffon scarf

chiffon scarf

Grey 333
chiffon scarf


Tropic Lust
chiffon scarf

chiffon scarf


chiffon scarf

chiffon scarf


Artists Statement / BIO

 “I believe in creativity, lifelong learning, and I do not have a precise destination. The sense of what I do is represented by the journey, the nomadism, the search.”

A native of Sardinia, Italy, Giorgio Casu, or Jorghe as he signs his works, is a contemporary artist, based in New York City and creating art all around the world. After working in a psychiatric center and with children as a professional educator, art teacher, and therapist, and after founding a comic association “Chine Vaganti” in Italy, he began focusing on his art career in 2002. He embarked on a 5-year long journey, throughout the UK, Australia, South-East Asia and the USA from which he drew inspiration for most of his early works.

Giorgio’s acrylic paintings, for which he is best known, have been shown in major events and galleries around the world, including the White House, where he presented his portrait of President Obama in 2010.

His multimedia art project Thrive, engaging international artists and performers through painting, photography, body painting, installations, music, theatre, modern dance, hair design and fashion was well received in New York City, at the Art Basel Miami, and in Byron Bay, Australia and lately it has been featured for the photographic book “Something About Love” with important artists such as Alex Grey, Amanda Sage and Andrew Jones.  One of Giorgio’s solo exhibitions, held at the Atelier in Manhattan, titled Left of Center followed a tribute show of Milton Glazer, one of the most celebrated graphic designers in the US. For his second show at the Atelier, titled Lucid Dreaming, Giorgio collaborated with a Tiffany & Co photographer, Layla Love. The 4-month long exhibition was presented by the president of the prestigious National Art Club and accompanied with a limited edition book, for which Anthony Haden Guest, art critic for the New York Times and the New Yorker, wrote the introduction. The book was later presented at the 2011 AIPAD photography show in New York City, organized by MoMa.

His art extends well beyond the canvas.

While living in Australia, Giorgio partnered with the Revolution Surf Factory and Museum on a design of the original surfboard collection with his distinguished artistic style. More recently, together with his jewerly design Made in Italy, his art has been commissioned by European watch brand Playwatch, for their limited edition. He worked on the design of a new line of electric guitars called the Butterfly and a series of ceramics -Elephant Eggs – presented at his solo show in occasion of the celebration for the centenary of the prestigious Poltrona Frau at is elegant showroom in NY and organized with Save the Children.

The prints on canvas of his work have been sold all around the world and his murals can be found in Miami, Mexico, New York, Italy, Costa Rica, India and Australia.